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Martin’s unique combination of skills makes him an invaluable creative resource. Click a circular image to see some samples of his work (see much more in person):


Clean and professional design solutions that are smart, intuitive, readable and make best sense for your marketplace. Martin has deep expertise in both print and digital design.


Martin’s 30 years of industry experience drives him to create intelligent advertising tools that will establish your brand, promote your business and engage a larger customer base.


Martin shoots images that will showcase your business location, your products, your people or any combination of the above. Crisp, professional photographs made when and where you need them.

family photos

Martin has the natural ability to set people at ease in front of the camera. People, young or old, look great in photos when they feel happy and confident. He is also expert at restoring old photos.

About Martin

A freelancer who is smart enough to ‘get it’ the first time. And you’ll always get a 100% commitment. Here’s more about Martin:
“Martin will free you up so you can focus on what YOU need to be doing.”

Martin’s a highly experienced and award-winning graphic designer and photographer based in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Martin started his career in the UK business publishing industry where he gained a comprehensive knowledge of the magazine advertising business. After moving to the San Francisco Bay area, Martin started up London Road Design, a highly successful advertising and design firm that employed more than 30 staff over a 10-year period. The firm was named ‘one of San Francisco’s top ten advertising and design firms’ by the San Francisco Business Times in 2002.

After working in senior-level creative roles for East Coast advertising and design agencies and corporations, Martin began offering his services as a freelance advertising and design consultant. He also built a successful studio photography business in the Boston area.

Martin now lives and works in Falmouth, Cornwall with his wife and two children. Click here to learn what Martin can do for you.


    Martin's an idea person. He loves to brainstorm and think up new, unique ways to increase your market share and grow your business.

  • 25% creative visionary

    Martin will quickly be able to brainstorm and sketch out new creative solutions to maximize your marketing opportunities.

  • 25% communicator

    Martin will help communicate YOUR business to YOUR customers. He'll share how to advertise, attract and engage.

  • 25% educator

    Martin will gladly share cost-saving methods and other best practices that will save you time and money.


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